Imperial Saffron


This soft, sweet and exotic fragrance starts with a breath of freshly handpicked Kashmiri saffron and milky-sweet Almond At the scent’s
core, ground almonds and earthy saffron are underpinned by soft amber and warm vanilla it is our one of the very royal product to provide our customers perfect Luxury bathing experience it is completely hand crafted with love for you

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Why it is special


Kashmiri Saffron – Saffron is known to have anti-sun effects that can protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Studies show that saffron lotion may be a better sunscreen than homosalate (an organic compound used in some sunscreens), Thus, saffron can be used as a natural UV absorbing.

Soaked Almonds – Prevent from sunburned skin, Privents from freckles and age spots.


Almond Oil
Soaked Almonds
Coconut Milk
Essential Oils

Additional information


200 ml


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