Damask Rose Body Butter (Dry to Normal Skin)


Our “Damask rose” scent features a warm, sweet, intense rose aroma This scent is an exquisite, powerful and seductive scent truly fit for Royals let our sensually sweet scent hit your senses, you will become spellbind by its aroma. This scent opens the door for you inner Enchantress

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Why it is special


Rose Oil – – It works as Natural exfoliator Acts as a natural cleanser & Natural coolant helps to Prevents ageing and wrinkles also Improves

Almond Oil – dry, smooth, soft and delicate oil that is added for sensitive skin areas. Deeply hydrating for dry skin and especially effective on sensitive skin..

Shea Butter – It is a natural inflammatory. Which helps to sooth even the most sensitive skin.

Coconut Butter – Coconut Butter is great for moisturising and protecting the skin. It promotes skin elasticity and fights free radical
damage to help maintain a more youthful complexion. It is suitable for all skin types but is especially beneficial for dry, flaky skin.


Shea Butter
Kokum Butter
Vitamin E
Cocoa Butter
Jojoba Oil
Almond Oil
Avacado Oil
Rosehip Oil
Cucumber Oil
Argon Oil

Additional information


100 ml


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