Chocolatedo Face Wash


Chocolatedo for Your Skin It’s no secret that chocolate can lift our mood when we feel stressed. But it not only tastes good, it actually benefits the skin as well. Cocoa prevent your skin from sun damage. Cocoa have flavonol which protects your skin from the
harmful rays of the sun. Stress leads to wrinkles and other antiaging signs. Its mesmerizing stress reliving chocolate fragrance is very mood uplifting.

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Why it is special


Raw Cocoa – Externally, cacao delivers complex nutrients for healthy skin, visibly improving texture, tone and radiance. Antioxidants deeply nourish the skin, leaving your face healthy and rejuvenated.

Vitamin e – vitamin E as an anti-aging or skin-conditioning agent involves letting the product completely absorb into your skin..

Shea Butter – It is a natural inflammatory. Which helps to sooth even the most sensitive skin.


Cocoa Butter
Vitamin E
Essential Oils

Additional information


200 ml


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