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    Is one of a kind face mist in our collection because it has a blend of five different flowers and it's sensual fragrance takes us on to a calming and soothing journey for a while. Who would like to avoid this kind of experience which can be unleashed just by pressing your thumb on the top of the pump. An all-natural cocktail of hydrating ingredients for skin that’s badly in need of a drink.🍸🍸🍸 It has a subtle rose scent from organic rose hydrosol and tinted with organic herbs and flowers.
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    Jasmine Sambac mist is 100% natural. Contains powerful humectants found in nature The secret to a dewy and supple skin starts from within. But as we age, we naturally lose the skin's natural plump. Humectants and extracts can help bring back that bright and springy "bounce-back" texture.
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    The world's most romantic flower is good for more than gorgeous arrangements Rose water, made from fresh petals steeped in H2O, is making waves as one of the best ways to instantly refresh your face and give it a dewy glow. Handpicked rose flower are used to make the most pure rose water especially hand made with purity & love for you.

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