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    Unlike the soap you’re probably used to, Alluring Strawberry is more like a foaming body butter than an actual soap. And because it’s loaded with good-for-you oils like coconut and Olive, it forms a semi-solid lather it adds Fun moment in your bathing experience.
  • 699.00
    Alluring Strawberry Body wash improve the overall health of your skin and eliminate dead skin cells. Strawberries help in de-tanning your skin and even lighten your skin tone. They fight off acne and pimples causing bacteria and give you clear skin.
  • 699.00
    Evocative of an English Summer’s day. This sensuously glorious body wash conjures up the scent of a sweet and cozy butter cup under the blazing sun of midsummer - guaranteed to bring a smile to every face. A natural deodorant, with natural deodorizing properties, this sensual and seductive floral combination is anti-bacterial, calming, uplifting, and, some would say, aphrodisiac!
  • 699.00
    Our Chocolatedo Body wash is super creamy, moisturizing and provide EXCELLENT lather! (Best lather is with a loofah-trust me ;) ) “Box of Chocolates” is a guilt-free chocolate treat for your body! Made with a delicious chocolate-y fragrance, this body wash will have you smelling rich and decadent
  • 1,199.00
    This soft, sweet and exotic fragrance starts with a breath of freshly handpicked Kashmiri saffron and milky-sweet Almond At the scent’s core, ground almonds and earthy saffron are underpinned by soft amber and warm vanilla it is our one of the very royal product to provide our customers perfect Luxury bathing experience it is completely hand crafted with love for you
  • 699.00
    Discover Mediterranean Skin Care Tradition! Our olive body wash contains the finest virgin olive oil and natural ingredients that moisturize and nourish your skin for a healthier appearance it is “Paraben Free” No SLES, No SLE, Free of Animal Fats, Dermatologically Tested, Eco-Friendly, and Not Tested on Animals, Full of Anti-Aging Properties, and Anti-Oxidants. Try this Olive body wash for a spa experience every time you step in the shower.
  • 699.00
    Our Orangeomatic body wash turns every shower into a fragrance experience. High-quality scented oils made from organic orange blossom water and wild herbs penetrate the skin and into the soul. Body and mind receive a rich and vegan care. A small, evenly distributed amount is sufficient to achieve deep cleansing of the skin. The mild washing substances foam softly and give the skin a soft feeling thanks to the moisturizing care substances. The Orangeomatic body wash is an energetic start to a fragrant and beguiling day.
  • 799.00
    It's Silky shower cream with the delicate scent of Rose Petals and moisturizing Almond Milk Let this indulging body wash with almond milk nourish your skin with a rich lather, while its scent of rose indulges your senses. Leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized even after towel drying
  • 699.00
    Our Stars in Daylight body wash keeps your skin's natural oils intact during the bathing process, Glycerin can help lock in your skin's natural moisture and prevent over-drying. Which makes your skin silky, soft and hydrated keeps you feel comfortable and refreshed throughout the day because of its mesmerizing fragrance & glycerin it's a one product for all skin types.

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